Doing It Right This Time.

'Doing It Right This Time'; refers to creating responsive, sustainable and unique workspaces through DIRTT's Agile Architectural Solutions. Movable walls allow for complete self-expression and flexible function providing a productive, long-term asset. DIRTT Walls are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and horizontally support new and legacy furniture and storage. DIRTT received the 2006 Best of Year Award for Architectural Product from Interior Design Magazine (NY) and the Excellence in Partnership Award for Industry Green Partner from the U.S. Government Services Administration (GSA) and the Coalition for Government Procurement. Agile Architectural Solutions virtually eliminate construction waste and any future renovation waste - negating demolition, dumping, procuring and re-building. The results are dramatic and meaningful for the environment and the bottom-line. DIRTT has thousands of clients in every sector across North America.


DIRTT is a leading technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors. DIRTT combines its proprietary ICE® 3D design, configuration and manufacturing software with integrated in-house manufacturing of its innovative prefabricated interior construction solutions and an extensive Distribution Partner network across two continents. DIRTT is underpinned by a strong entrepreneurial culture and provides a unique, end-to-end customer solution for the inefficient and fragmented construction industry.

ICE Software

ICE is DIRTT'S revolutionary software for modular workspace design. ICE is a Java based tool that uses clear, graphic communication and an expert system. It allows designers and architects to choose color, shapes, finishes, layouts, sizes and amounts, meanwhile behind the scenes the expert software stays on top of the product specifications, tallies up parts, pieces, prices, and even speaks directly to the manufacturer's tools. All of it is done instantly without the designer needing to know the minutia of the manufacturer's specifications.


What is FreshDIRTT?

FreshDIRTT is a FREE weekly one-page visual case study that highlights real DIRTT projects. (Okay, we admit it's occasionally more than one page.) Think lots of photos and minimal text. We note the industry sector and geographic location of the project, without divulging the client's name.

Sometimes there's an ICEvision or ICEpresenter button included – clicking it gives a virtual trip through the project in 3D. These extras contain annotations at points of interest to give a better understanding of the story behind the photos.