Our team is a highly experienced group of people with various backgrounds and areas of expertise offering the highest level of quality and service in the modular interiors and office furnishing solutions field.


We are dedicated to making the experience of selecting, designing, installing and maintaining your workspace a rewarding one. "On time and on budget."


Our solutions give you an adaptable asset that provides not only initial, but on-going value. Giving your company the ability to seamlessly adapt the working space to changes in your business or technology is an advantage over your competition.


Maintaining and keeping in use the products your company has invested in. It's about designing products that adapt to the changes required by your business, whether they are organizational, technological or aesthetic. Solutions range from the best practice materials to infinite reusability to reduce materials waste, energy and greenhouse gases.

Project Management

ELEMENT's innovative project management approach ensures continuous communication with manufacturers, sub contractors and especially the customer to ensure that all project milestones are met and any deficiencies are dealt with in a timely manner. Our success is testament to the acceptance of this integrated approach and the high rate of return clients that have experienced the benefits of modular agile interiors.